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Great Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners from 1954 to 1986, par W.H. Miller Jr. (Dover Publications)
In this sumptuous pictorial record, noted maritime historian William Miller recalls the last great years of transatlantic travel and the rise of a new breed of ocean liner — the luxuriously appointed cruise ship. Over 170 exceptional photographs provide detailed views of vessels distinguished by their decor, speed and comfort. Here are liners such as the United States, Canberra, Liberté, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth 2, Stockholm, Leonardo da Vinci and scores of other ships whose interiors boasted sweeping staircases, grand salons, lavishly decorated public rooms and elegant suites. In addition to these magnificent queens of the sea, the text also reviews a variety of other ships that survived the jet age and temporarily escaped the scrap heap. These were the highly profitable passenger-cargo vessels and the so-called working ships which in World War II transported troops and later provided low-fare transportation and austere accommodations for budget tourists, immigrants, students and refugees. Cruise ships, the most recent addition to the postwar fleet, were often completely restyled and refitted old liners. Revolutionary in design, these sleek, white-hulled "floating hotels" were easily distinguished by their raked bows, flair funnels, sweeping deck arrangements, glistening lounges, comfortable staterooms and marvelous restaurants.
An informative text and concise, thoroughly documented captions provide a wealth of background material on the ships, their history and distinguishing characteristics, as well as such technical data as tonnage, speed, size, builder, passenger load, and more. Also included are items about famous passengers as well as a dramatic account of the sinking of the ill-fated Andrea Doria. Here, then, is a vivid chronicle of ships that made maritime history and inaugurated a new era in sea travel — in all, a memorable pictorial archive that is sure to delight nostalgic fans of transatlantic liners as well as anyone captivated by the allure of glistening ships bound for exotic ports.
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