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The First Great Ocean Liners in Photographs 1897-1927, par W.H. Miller Jr. (Dover Publications)
The eventful thirty years between 1897 and 1927 was an era in which the maritime powers of the world vied for dominance on the high seas, and first-class passengers travelled in unprecedented splendor in what were then the largest and fastest ships ever built. This sumptuous volume, beautifully printed on coated stock, recalls the glorious early years of elegant transatlantic travel.
Over 190 historic photographs depict exterior and interior views of 101 ships, including the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse (first of the superliners, 1897), Prinzessin Victoria Luise (first passenger ship designed exclusively for cruising), the Virginian (one of the two first steam-turbine-driven liners on the North Atlantic), the Imperator, Vaterland, Bismarck, Lusitania, Mauretania, Balmoral Castle (used as a British royal yacht in 1910), Titanic, Olympic, France, Britannic, Aquitania (over four city blocks long) and dozens more, including lesser-known smaller ships of the 1920's — Albertic, Montcalm, Laconia, Transylvania, Veendam and Colombo. Superb vintage views recall the dazzling splendor of luxurious "floating palaces" — the lavish interiors of lounges, smoking rooms, libraries, salons, extravagant suites, ballrooms and dining rooms decorated in Italian Renaissance, Spanish, Louis XVI, Georgian, Queen Anne, Tudor, Moorish and a host of other styles.
Here is the sumptuous Arabian indoor pool aboard the Olympic, the sensational Pompeian Bath and gymnasium on the Imperator, the Aquitania's two-deck-high Louis XVI first-class restaurant and much more. Even the less-glamorous side of the great ocean liners is included in vivid images of their use as immigrant carriers in the early years and troopships during World War I.
William H. Miller, Jr., historian at the American Merchant Marine Museum, has supplied concise and informative captions detailing the background and history of each ship, tonnage, size, engines, builders, etc. These first ocean giants have vanished — some scrapped, some sunk in wartime service, others destroyed in tragic accidents. But this handsome volume remains as a permanent record of a splendid era when these magnificent vessels reigned as sovereigns of the sea.
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